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Acupuncture for Dogs - Canine Acupuncture

Acupuncture Vet - Dog
Canine Veterinary Acupuncture

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Dogs not only welcome veterinary acupuncture treatments, they can sleep their way through it for a long time. That is why we need more than one consulting room, at the AVMC! We can also arrange house visits, around the UK and elsewhere.

As in all species, we attend to diet, lifestyle and potential obstacles to recovery, along with a full chiropractic check and any necessary chiropractic manipulation (i.e. holistic treatment), in support of acupuncture treatment.

Acupuncture vet at work: conditions in which we find dog acupuncture [canine acupuncture] most helpful or beneficial (if holistically applied) are:

Back problems
Canine 'stroke'
Back pain
Neck problems
Faecal incontinence
Dry eye
Elbow Dysplasia
Thoraco-lumbar disc disease
Intervertebral disc disease
Keratoconjunctivitis sicca
Keratitis sicca
Canine Wobbler Syndrome
Shoulder lameness
Prolapsed disc
Lumbo-sacral problems
Fertility problems
Hip Dysplasia
Hip arthritis
Cruciate ligament injury
Ruptured cruciate ligament
Pain control
Neck pain
Lumbosacral disease
Aid to fracture healing
Urinary incontinence
Vestibular syndrome
Wobbler Syndrome

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Christopher Day, holistic vet for over 38 years and vet acupuncturist for over 28 years, has been involved in the academic side of the training of acupuncture vets (veterinary acupuncturists - vet acupuncturists).

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Alternative Veterinary Medicine Centre
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Stanford in the Vale
Oxfordshire SN7 8NQ
Tel.: 01367 710324
Fax: 01367 718243
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